And We Danced All Night to the Best Game Ever


The Stars played one of their best games of the season last night against the (L)East’s best; I’d put the game up there with the San Jose win. Up against a scary-good team, the Stars dominated and annihilated the Penguins for most of the game. It was like they were one step ahead of the Pens on every play, defensively and offensively. It was a beautiful sight.

If the Stars played with that speed, confidence and fire every night? Well, they wouldn’t be fighting a losing battle for a playoff spot; they’d already be there.

A few things:

  • The Eakin line is super incredible. They did a fantastic job containing Crosby and his linemates (Chris Kunitz and Chuck Kobasew LOL) and while they didn’t put up points per se, they deserve recognition for their night. 
  • Let’s talk about Alex Goligoski. I will defend Goligoski until I’m blue in the face, and last night he provided a prime example of how great he can be for this team. Maybe playing against his former team fired him up, but regardless Goligoski shined last night. 
  • Biased officiating could have ruined this game. Even Razor commented, after Cody Eakin’s questionable holding call on Sidney Crosby, “If that’s the other way around, there’s no call.” But, the Stars killed the penalty off.
  • Tanner Glass is terrible. He had some questionable hits that were borderline at best. He didn’t need to slam Alex Chiasson’s brains into the glass, and he didn’t need to elbow Tyler Seguin in the face. I thought both hits deserved at least a penalty, but it’s the Penguins so that’s not going to happen.
  • Rock solid is the best way to describe Kari Lehtonen’s performance. Even when the Pens finally turned it on a little in the third, Kari always had an answer for what they threw at him. He was just plain solid and deserved the shutout he got. 
  • James Neal is such a punk, ughhhhhhh. I can’t believe I used to defend that guy. His whole, “What did I do?” shtick when he and Roussel got thrown into the box was so


  • LET’S TALK ABOUT ANGRY SEGUIN (gifs via glovehand on tumblr)





  • Actually let’s just talk more about how good he looked last night (gifs via glovehand on tumblr)


  • Jamie and Tyler’s hug after Benny’s goal ;_; (gif via kanershuffles on tumblr)


  • Anyway…the crowd was stellar. The audible “LET’S GO STARS!” chants made my heart glow. I was afraid the crowd would be primarily Pens fans (as is always the case with our opponents, sigh) and maybe it was, but the Stars fans were louder. 
  • The power play has now scored in 7 straight games. What a time to be alive.

Seriously, what a great game last night (if not the greatest). It’s always fun to beat my least favorite team in the universe. Nice one, Stars.


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