Loui, Loui! (One More Time)

Loui, 2008 plyoffs


GM Jim Nill secured the future for the Stars by trading away the present, and as a result we have to say good-bye to a truly wonderful person and player.

For me, the hardest part about trading Loui is the fact that it feels like we’re losing Jere Lehtinen all over again. Jere was a Stars-lifer, but Loui is as highly regarded as his Finnish counterpart.  They were very similar players, which I will go into below.

As for the guy he got traded for, Loui and Tyler Seguin are polar opposites. While Seguin is controversial and polarizing, Loui is quiet and under the radar. I can’t talk enough about how wonderful Loui Eriksson is. He’s a two-way player who could’ve been a perennial Selke contender if not for Eastern bias. Loui never complained or had a bad word to say about anything or anyone. This quiet professionalism defined his time in Dallas and it will do the same in Boston. That’s just the type of guy he is. He’s pretty close to perfect.

I think this was a good trade for both sides. Boston got a scoring winger whose quiet personality will provide a welcome change on their team. Dallas got a young, franchise center who will grow and mature and be here for years to come.

This move reminds me of the most important trade in franchise history because of these reasons. But it was the other way around for the teams involved. In 1995, the Stars traded away the future for the present. The Jarome Iginla-Joe Nieuwendyk trade was one of the rare deals that doesn’t have a winner or a loser; in fact, both teams won because they got what they needed. It reminds me a lot of this trade, only now we’re Calgary trading away a veteran for a future superstar. I can only hope that this trade will end up exactly like that one did, all those years ago.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate the best of Loui:

11.3.10 Penalty Shot on Brent Johnson

12.31.10 New Year’s Eve Hat Trick

2.24.13 Shortie vs. Red Wings

2.26.12 Epic OT Winner vs. Canucks

3.4.12 Shorthanded Beauty

2.26.13 Overtime Winner on Bobrovsky

Cheekbones. Enough said.

goddamn Loui

king loui

Loui at the 2013 WorldsMore than anything, though, I’m going to miss the quiet little things that Loui has always done. Boston got a true professional.

Thanks for everything, Loui. I sure will miss you.


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