Eric Nystrom is Better Than You

Can we just talk about how Eric Nystrom took an hour out of his life to respond to fans’ Twitter messages?

Nystrom twitter

He didn’t have to do this, but he did. It’s so rare to find a professional athlete who is as open, honest, and classy as Eric Nystrom is. Players can say they care about their fans, and most truly mean it, but Nystrom takes it to a whole new level. He reads our messages and appreciates them and then takes the time to respond back, even if it’s a simple thank you.

I’m going to really miss this guy. I support former Dallas Stars, but I rarely take special interest in them once they’ve departed. Jussi Jokinen has been an exception to that rule, but I think that Nystrom will become the newest exception. He’s a truly good guy, and I wish so much we could have kept him. But that’s how hockey goes; we have to let go and it hurts sometimes.

Eric Nystrom was one of the best stories from the past couple of seasons and a definite highlight in Joe Nieuwendyk’s tenure. Joe traded a random late-round draft pick to take on Nystrom’s full salary so we could meet the cap floor (ugh, terrible times). And then Nystrom flourished here, scoring a career-high 16 goals that season. Last year, he provided great leadership down the stretch when the Stars made their crazy little run for a playoff spot.

Tonight, Ny posted a hilarious Vine documenting his new signing. He’s the literal best.

Nice signing, Preds. You got a good one.

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