We Are Who We Are

4.9.13 after Fiddler's goal

It’s easy to say that the Stars need to lose all their remaining games to get a better draft pick, but you have to admit that this recent streak has been pretty fun to watch. The Stars are, for yet another year, hovering by the 8th playoff spot. They probably won’t make it, but the tenacity and leadership the Stars have shown lately have got to benefit the team in the future.

And it’s been a lot of fun.

The Stars have basically blown their chance at an amazing top 5, NHL-ready draft pick, but instead are instilling a “never say die” attitude in a lineup that everyone, including diehards like myself, wrote off after the trade deadline. It’s just so bizarre to think about—who would have thought that the Stars would actually get better after trading away Captain Morrow, Derek Roy, and the great Jaromir Jagr? Not me.

They’ve had their issues, oh yes, but they make up for lack of skill with great leadership (especially from Ray Whitney, Eric Nystrom, and Vernon Fiddler) and a winning attitude. They’re not giving up as easily as they did previously this season. Earlier, when bad things happened they spelled the beginning of an ugly meltdown that may or may not have cost them the game. Things seem calmer now (except maybe in the end of the San Jose game and in the Chicago game, but still) and blows feel less devastating. I really feel like this Stars team believes in themselves because no one else does. And like I said, they still might not make the playoffs despite all this.

But this attitude they’ve adopted during the win streak is the kind that needs to be a mainstay in the years to come. It’s great to instill it in the young guys name and show them the importance of tenacity and not giving up. The chemistry this team has shown is drastically and remarkably improved from what it was earlier in the season. When you look at the team, they seem to be having a lot of fun out there, and isn’t that kind of the whole point?

The pressure’s been growing gradually, and now it’s at an all-time high this season. Sure the Stars dropped one on Monday (but it was to the best team in the league, which is COMPLETELY OKAY), but if they don’t let it faze them too much and continue to do their thing against the Canucks tonight, it means they can continue this miraculous march to the playoffs.

And it’s Sergei Zubov Night. The best Russian defenseman in all of our hearts is being honored in tonight’s 20th anniversary team. What better way to honor Zubie than to win with him in the building? He never got a proper send-off, so tonight should be pretty special.



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