The One Where Jamie Benn Fought Joe Thornton

ImageLook at the fear in Joe’s eyes. “I never should have asked him to go,” he laments to himself as he prepares to take a beating.

And what a fight it was. Joe Thornton’s had a penchant for fighting star players lately (see: Jonathan Toews) and he did it again last night. Some called it the greatest fight from a Stars player since Benn fought Jarome Iginla, and it’s hard to argue with that statement. The fight was a turning point in the game, as the Stars scored a bit after it and ended up dominating in a 3-1 win.

  • Jamie Benn got the Gordie Howe hat trick. I think it’s interesting how it’s the second GHHT this year, yet before Dillon’s the Stars hadn’t had one since I think 2007.
  • Alex Goligoski had a hell of a game.
  • Tommy Wingels has a fantastic name, but he’s kind of a coward. He started that one scrum and then wouldn’t even fight a rough and ready Morrow. Really, Wingels? Really?
  • Nilstorp got his first career win, which is awesome.
  • SELLOUT CROWD. And they got to see a hell of a game.
  • Okay but, uhm, here’s the bad thing: we finished the game with four defensemen. It looks like Larsen’s going to be okay (that fall into the boards looked really nasty, though), but I still haven’t heard anything about Aaron Rome’s foot injury. So that’ll be an interesting development.

Overall, those were two very important points that the Stars earned. They played so well last night and I can’t get over it. Maybe it’s time we should believe in this team. Maybe.

3 Stars of the Game:

1. Jamie Benn

2. Christopher Nilstorp

3. Alex Goligoski


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