Terrific and Horrific

It’s become accepted that the Stars will very, very rarely win the second game of a back-to-back (blue moons are more common than Stars back-to-back wins on the second night), so it’s critical that they win the first night. 

Let’s just say that everything went exactly the way we all thought it would.

Friday Night, Stars Win 4-3 (SO)

Antoine Roussel made his NHL debut and scored a beautiful goal that I’m still squealing over.

Brendan Dillon also scored his first career goal (and picked up his first career point on Roussel’s goal!) and just had a hell of a game.

The Stars blew their 2-0 lead, which wasn’t all that surprising because they have some pretty mediocre second periods where they get into penalty trouble (foreshadowing!).

But seriously, everything’s okay because of that glorious shootout that saw Jamie Benn and Jaromir Jagr score to win it. I saw Jagr’s career shootout totals and kind of cringed, but hey it all worked out.


Saturday Night, Stars Lose 2-0

Man, what a bummer. The worst part of this loss is that the Stars came out looking like the dominant team but slowly digressed because of penalty trouble and overall mediocrity.

Everything went downhill after that awful Ryder penalty call (seriously we’ve gotten the WORST calls this year, but I guess that’s what happens when you take 5+ penalties a game) and resulting goal. By that point, I was just like



If there’d been hope they could tie the game at 1, it all pretty much died after that second goal. 

The refereeing in that game was pathetic…not every Stars penalty was fair (case in point: Ryder), and Martin Hanzal blatantly cheated on the faceoff circle but was never called. Injuries, too, were an issue as this was the first game of many without Ray Whitney due to a broken foot.

What’s to come…

Derek Roy will be back tonight, so hopefully that will bolster the offense. Kari Lehtonen has been fantastic, so hopefully he’ll continue to steal games. Jamie Benn is starting to look like his old self, so hopefully he’ll be a force again.

Things don’t look that great for the Stars right now, but there’s a damn lot of hope.


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