Well hello, old friend. Long time no see! Now that we’ve reached the end of another year, I feel like recapping the year that was 2012.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve lost friends and gained new ones. Been triumphant one night and devastated the next. Missed the playoffs yet again and generated hope for next time around. Of course, everything that’s happened in 2012 has been overshadowed by the lockout.

give me my season back

Easily the story of this hockey year, the lockout has been a tough pill to swallow. I could rant for days about why the lockout is the absolute worst, but I won’t. I just have a lot of feelings about it, like basically everyone.

Instead, I’d rather focus on what 2012 has been like for the Stars. We missed the playoffs again (the ridiculously tough last batch of games didn’t help our cause at all), but GM Joe made some notable moves in the offseason that are the kind that truly give a struggling team hope.

Unfortunately, that meant saying good-bye to some beloved players, including Mike Ribeiro and Steve Ott. Admittedly, I like the moves from a hockey standpoint. But that doesn’t change the fact that I adored Ribs and Otter and that it’s going to hurt like hell to not see them suit up in Stars jersies when-the-hell-ever we have a season. Sidenote: I’ll also miss Sheldon Souray and Radek Dvorak.

However, the returns we got for Ribs and Otter are potential game-changers. If Cody Eakin and Derek Roy perform the way we need them to, GM Joe will look like a genius. Eakin’s young and is part of the youth movement, while Roy can provide offense. Also joining the team are veterans Ray Whitney and Jaromir Jagr (honestly, my number one reason for wanting a season is to see Jagr suit up for the Stars). They may be old, but they can still produce. For a team that relied far too heavily on Jamie Benn and Loui Eriksson, this new group of players should help a great deal.  And if they’re overpaid? No problem. Money’s not an issue at all for the Stars now that we’ve got Tom Gaglardi’s checkbook.  Assuming we have a season, this group of guys excites me SO MUCH.

To cap it off, here are some of my favorite things from 2012:

Six Shades of Sexy

The Comeback Against Vancouver

Drafting Radek Faksa

It’s been a year of change for the Stars and I’m looking forward for what’s to come.

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