Hockey’s Finest

This years awards seemed even more awkwardly painful than they usually are.  Part of this was the lack of a host, mixed with an awful crowd and some truly awful Nickelback performances.

For me, the best part was seeing hockey players in suits. As you can see above, Gabriel Landeskog looked goooooooooooood (quote courtesy of the most quotable movie ever, Mean Girls).

Here’s just some random thoughts I had from the night:

  • Henrik Lundqvist is a life ruiner.
  • Henrik Lundqvist is actually a prince.
  • Hockey players are the most awkward human beings in the world–they’re basically 15-year-old girls–and should never be asked to step outside their comfort zones EVER.  See: Steven Stamkos and Cheryl Burke.
  • Fun fact: Of the 12 player awards that weren’t pre-determined, 9 went to players from the East.
  • Gabriel Landeskog is very well-spoken, considering he’s a) Swedish and b) he’s only 19. He’s also ridiculously pretty.
  • Nickelback is the WORST. I feel like the league was trying to punish us for something, though I have no idea what.
  • Geno was very sweet and genuine when he thanked his friend, Sergei Gonchar, in his Hart acceptance speech.  I’m not the biggest fan of Malkin as a player, but I love him as a person.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is Cory Monteith’s brother or something.
  • I like Erik Karlsson, even if he’s a dirty Sen. He wore his pink shirt nicely.
  • Brian Campbell has no eyebrows, and it’s creepy.
  • The Will Arnett!Brendan Shanahan sketches were super entertaining, even if Shanny didn’t think so beyond the first one.
  • I don’t watch Glee anymore (best decision ever), but holy crap is Cory Monteith charming. I just really love him. He smiled; I melted.

Basically, the awards are varying degrees of hilari-awkward and painful, but I do love them.  Of course, it always helps when Henrik Lundqvist drops an F-bomb making him even more flawless than I previously thought him…


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