The End is Near

It would figure, of course, that a team like the Kings is winning a Cup in 2012 of all years.  And, quite frankly, I’m not too happy about it.  I’m going to let Martin Freeman (from the flawless Sherlock) and Ron Swanson gif it out for me:

It’s not cool, and I don’t like it.  But, to be honest, I can’t wait for hockey to be over.  This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve felt that way.  I’m tired of watching the Kings be so disgustingly dominant.  I’m tired of cheering for a team I don’t even like.  I’m just tired of it all.

I want free agency to come so that Zach Parise, Alex Semin, and Ryan Suter can all become Stars and make us awesome and stuff. Or something like that. 

I mean, yeah, i’d love to see the Kings disintegrate and the Devils to win, but I’d probably just find myself not caring.  I haven’t really cared since the second round when all of my teams were knocked out.  I’m sorry, but when the only remaining teams are two from the Pacific and two from New York (basically), it’s not ideal for me. 

Good luck to the Devils, but if they don’t win, I don’t see how I can get any angrier than I have been. 

I will try not to throw up seeing Dustin Brown join the company of the wonderful, awesome, kick-ass Derian Hatcher as the only American-born captains to lead their teams to a Stanley Cup. 

Because Derian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dustin Brown.  Always.


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