Don’t Let This Be the End

Times are tough, and things are tight for the Stars right now.  I hate that losing two games in a row is devastating.  I hate that teams aren’t cutting anyone slack and just falling out of the playoff race.  I hate that teams like the Oilers are so damn useless.  I mean, COME ON GUYS.  Help us out a little, yeah?

Tomorrow’s game against Phoenix is as must-win as a Game 7 in the playoffs is.  This game could/probably will make or break the Stars.  With a win over Phoenix (preferably in overtime), the Stars take control of the Pacific and make it that much easier to vault themselves into the playoffs.  So, yeah, it’s pretty damn important to get two points tomorrow.

Sure there are excuses for why we’ve slid the last two games: Souray and Dvorak are both out; Winnipeg is fantastic at home; Chicago’s a good team; first home game back after a long road trip… Whatever.

But here’s the thing.  I’m so tired of missing the playoffs.  I mean, yeah I’ll act like we’re terrible and have no business being there, but it’s about damn time we make it back.  We have a great team full of wonderful guys who can do this.  It’s time to stop doubting the Stars and OWN IT.  We ARE  a good team.  We deserve to be in the playoffs.  Sure we’ve had some bad luck what with ownership and injuries and stuff, but that’s not a good enough excuse.  At this point, anything less than a playoff seed is a failure.  Quite frankly, we’ve made it too far to back down now.

Please, Stars.  Let this be the year


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