On Top

Oh hey, look who’s at the top of the Pacific!

Technically, the Stars and Coyotes are tied at 75 apiece, but Phoenix lost to Pittsburgh yesterday, so we’re there because of total wins.  Hopefully the Stars can pull off a win against the Canucks tonight, though I’m not really expecting it.  It sure would be nice, though…

Anyway.  Here’s a fun story: Even though he’s departed the team, it came out today that we’ve been spelling Nicklas Grossman’s name wrong all along.  See, it’s actually spelled “Grossmann.”  With another N.  Ever since his rookie season.  And he never corrected anyone.

“I guess when I was young coming up I didn’t want to say anything.  That’s the way they put it on the shirt, and I just was going with it.”

He sounds a lot like Jerry from Parks and Rec when his own name was revelaed to be Gary (I was shocked and I nearly died laughing)– doesn’t want to correct anyone for fear of stirring something up.  It’s kind of sweet, actually.  So now I’ll associate Nick Grossmann with Jerry Giegrich.  And I’m totally cool with that.




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