Hello There…

It’s been a little while since we last chatted. Since the last time I posted, Jamie Benn has been an All-Star who went h@m in the shot accuracy contest (awesomely), Nicklas Grossman left for Philadelphia, and the Stars slumped.

First, let’s talk about last night’s win against the Habs.  I felt like there were two very awesome moments that came from that besides the whole statement win thing.

1. Kudos to Ryan Garbutt who scored his first career goal.  It’s always sweet to see guys get those.

2. Mike Ribeiro is a sassy, flawless human.  While I don’t think he harbors any ill feelings toward the fans in Montreal, they certainly do so towards him.  I laughed at the way he mocked them both after his goal and during his first star celebration.  I love him so much.

Right now, the Stars are smack in the middle of the playoff race.  Two points out of 8th is it.  Can they pull it off?  Only time will tell.



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