Shake It Up

One word: realignment! The NHL’s board of governors voted to realign the league, because apparently Winnipeg is nowhere near the Southeast. Who knew?! Of course, this means great things for the Stars. Obviously, we’re not the biggest winners there are, but getting out of the Pacific was the best scenario, so it;s nice that that played out.

In our new conference, we get to be friends with Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Minnesota, Nashville, St. Louis, and Winnipeg. Wooooooooo. I mean, yeah the new conferences are a little wonky in the East what with the two random Florida teams left behind, but this is great. Let travel woes be someone else’s problem for once.

Honestly, I’m just thanking baby hockey Jesus that we are out of the Pacific. I’m not saying this new group is a cupcake or a walk in the park, but everyone knows that the Pacific has always been the hardest division in hockey. Frankly, I’m glad to be rid of the LA Kings more than anyone. However, I’l definitely miss the feisty Stars-Ducks and Stars-Sharks games. But it’s a small price to pay.

Of course, these uneven conferences also make it easier for expansion, which could be fun.

Let’s do this.


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