The Cult and Cleverness of Ron Washington

Ron Washington is one of my favorite people.  Not just in baseball but in the entire world.  Having been a hardcore Texas Rangers fan for approximately one month, Washington has quickly made an impression on me.  What’s not to love about the guy?  He just has this unbridled joy and undeniable faith in his team that warms my heart.  Ron Washington is not like other managers.

He might not be Tony LaRussa or Joe Torre or whoever, but Washington doesn’t need their complicated gameplans.  Nope, he just has more faith in his players than in a book. 

 As I always say, it is your players that make you look good.  I did what I felt I had to do with my players, and that’s all I’m worried about. As you said, I can’t match wits with Tony. I haven’t been in the game that long. I just wish I could stay around as long as he has and be as successful as he has. I just trust my players and try to get them in a position where they can be successful, and they haven’t let me down so far.  -Ron Washington

Not hockey, just a really cool tale of a guy who dances in the dugout to the tune of one win a way from a World Series.  Suck on that, Tony LaRussa.


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