You Go, Texas Rangers

As great as the stars have been so far (well, their record’s been good), I think I need to honor a Texas sports team that has truly beat the odds and can give us Stars fans hope. Just 18 months ago, the Texas Rangers were in the same boat the stars are in now: bankrupt with an ownership mess.
Now they’re in the World Series for the second time in two years. Back-to-back AL championships. And this all comes from a bankrupt team that fixed themselves.
That could be us someday. By spending smartly and recovering from the blow that comes when a team loses its star player (here’s lookin at y’all, Cliff Lee and Brad Richards), the Rangers have come a long way in a short time.
It’s a good example to follow. However, it’s one that we can’t follow quite yet, as the ownership thing won’t be resolved until Christmas or something. But that can be us pretty soon. Maybe we won’t win the West two consecutive years, but at least we can try. We’ll be able to challenge other teams because we’ll actually have the team to do it.
When the Rangers lost Cliff Lee, they got Adrian Beltre, who’s been huge for them. He’s probably the best third baseman in the AL.
But here’s what’s really awesome. The Yankees have a payroll of $200+ million, the Red Sox have one of $170 million, yet it’s the Rangers and their significantly lower $92.2 million pay that have dominated the AL lately.
It’s fun to see a Texas team win again, it really is./ The Rangers have proven that bankruptcy isn’t the end for a team. It may just be the beginning.


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