Oh Darlings

It has been far too long since we’ve had Stars hockey.  And last night was kind of amazing.

To recap…

  • Jamie Benn is a beast.  There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind about it.  That glass-shattering hit was something else.  And let’s be honest; EVERYONE loves those hits.
  • Studly Wonderbomb is back?  He had an assist on the game-winner, and Crawford had a tough time handling his massive blasts.  If Souray can keep blasting it and not be a defenseive liability, this signing could be a great one.
  • Kari Lehtonen can’t seem to get a damn shutout.  This happened last year too.  Late in the third, the Stars are up something to nothing, and then some jerkface comes and ruins Kari’s shutout.  Last night’s assbutt was Nick Leddy.  Boo you whore.
  • Also, I missed the Modano ovation.  Was it amazing?  Ughhhhh I just HAD to watch Supernatural, didn’t I? (BTW, Supernatural was amazing, and I regret nothing)
  • What a debut, Coach Gulutzan.  Apparently the record for coaching debuts in the North Stars/Stars franchise was something like 1-7-0.  So…not a great track record, but Gulutzan managed to win.  Cool.

But yeah.  For the most part, it was a great, great way to start the season.  I mean, who knows if it’ll last, but it’s nice to think it will.


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