The Greatest Time of Year

Welp, we made it!  After a long fucking hellatus, it’s hockey season again.  While we shouldn’t forget about those we lost in the offseason, the literal losses (Boogaard, Rypien, Belak, Lokomotiv), and the figurative losses (Mike Modano, possibly others), it’s time to move on a little with the best therapy: real live hockey.

I’m positively shaking with excitement. 

Here’s a great story about loving hockey and shoving the haters to the left:

More than we might think. And people are kidding themselves if they think hockey scrums are unique for the salty language. Kobe Bryant dropped the same homophobic slur on a referee last season, yet nobody used that as proof basketball was rife with -ists. It was just a frustrated guy saying an idiotic thing, much like Simmonds.

They are not bleeping accountants. They are hockey players. They skate around at incredibly high speeds and bang bodies and play through broken jaws and shredded knees. And so, yes, the sport — like most sports — attracts guys’ guys who behave differently than, say, my friends and I at Junior League meetings.

This is not to say hockey is some racist, sexist, homophobic mess. In my experience, something like 99.9 percent of the guys are exactly like guys you know. Maybe this is because hockey is not popular enough for them to have televised “Decisions,” or maybe they do not engage is such narcissistic silliness because they are good guys. Whatever the causality, the “everyday dude” thing they have going on is one of the things that makes hockey great.

So get on board, or leave hockey alone.

“Get on board, or leave hockey alone.”

Drop the puck already.


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