The Joys of Preseason

Preseason counts for absolutely nothing, but it’s a nice way to pass the time until the real hockey starts.  The funny thing about the preseason, though, is that it sometimes foreshadows what’s to come for a team.

Take, for instance, the Stars.  They currently hold a 3-1 record, surprising many.  Now, who knows if that’ll be the case come regular season?  But the thing is, if we look back a little bit to 08-09, the preseason reflected on their regular season record.  And, oh my God, it was terrible.  I’m not saying that the record always foreshadows what’s to come, but sometimes it does.  And that’s why the Stars’ early success this preseason should be seen as optimistic.

Just think of it this way: no one really expects us to make it too far in the regular season.  Hell, our own fans don’t even believe we’ll make it.  I myself broadcast an eternal optimism that we will, but I don’t actually believe they’ll get anywhere.  If they can somehow turn this preseason record into a regular season record, well…that’s cherry pie.

Until then, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the winning.  At least until it becomes, you know, Charlie Sheen’s version of winning.


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