The Last of the North Stars

Don’t cry…don’t cry..don’t cry…ok bawling.

The other day, Mike Modano announced his retirement from the NHL.  This surprised no one, as it really is time for him to go.  That doesn’t mean it hurts any less.  With Mo’s retirement, the league loses a classy, talented, truly special player.  At the same time, though, the Stars gain back a treasured family member.

And of course it will end where it all started: with the North Stars/Stars francise.  Today GM Joe announced that we would sign Mo to a one-day contract this Friday so our beloved number 9 could retire on his team.

Here’s part of the Stars’ press release:

Frisco, Tex. – Stars General Manager Joe Nieuwendyk announced today that the NHL club will sign center Mike Modano to an official NHL contract, giving him the opportunity to officially retire as a Dallas Star. Modano will sign the contract at Friday’s press conference. Afterwards, he will send in his retirement paperwork to the National Hockey League. Full information on the press conference is listed below.

The amount listed on the contract will be $999,999 in honor of his No. 9.

“This is a special day for all of us,” said Nieuwendyk. “Mike Modano will always be the face of this franchise. He means so much to our organization and all of our fans. We wanted to give him the opportunity to retire as a Dallas Star. Mike has given his heart and soul to this game for over 30 years. On behalf of the entire organization and the National Hockey League, we would like to thank him for his dedication.”

My favorite part is the $999,999 in honor of the great number 9.  It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

I don’t think I can wrap Modano’s career up any better than with my post after he signed with the Red Wings, “Nine Unforgettable Memories of Number 9 (In a Stars Uniform):

Now that the final North Star has decided to hang up the skates, all that’s left to say is a resounding thank you to the one and only Mike Modano.

Thank you, #9.


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