Karlis Skrastins was a quiet guy.  So what better way for the Stars to honor his memory than in a kind, simple way?  This coming season, the Stars will wear decal “37”s on the backs of their helmets, which I’m really, really glad they’re doing.  Patches felt like a little much for a guy that was never all that flashy, so a helmet decal was my pick for a tribute.

And I suppose you could say that the number 37 has been temporarily retired.  In a classy move by a classy guy, Brad Lukowich switched from his usual 37 to the number 47 for this season.

From NHL.com:

“That’s not a surprise. Luko’s such a standup guy, a great leader and great teammate that it doesn’t surprise me one bit that he’s doing that,” center Toby Peterson said. “I think it’s a good thing for him to be doing.”
“After a game, he’d blocked 30 shots and you knew it hurt. Every time he’d come off, we’d always be asking him, where’d you get that one, Skratch? Did it hurt? He’d say, no I’m OK. You wonder what’s wrong with this guy. He’s a robot,” Burish said. “I know it hurts. I just got hit with one myself. I know it hurts. Just the way he would have this smirk off the side of his mouth and just laugh at us and say he’s OK, we’d try to get him to laugh or tell us he hurt and he’d just give us a little crooked smile and say, ‘I’m OK guys, don’t worry about me.’ So that was always kind of funny.”


 RIP Skratch.


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