Good Godard, Y’all

See the BAMF on the left?  That’s Eric Godard, the newest Star.  You may know him as one of the guys who got supsended during the Pens-Isles fight club earlier this year.  He came off the bench to join in on the action and was suspended 10 games for it.

Now, that’s not totally smart, but it’s certainly gritty.  Let’s be honest, the stars need all the grit they can get.  It worked well last year (with Burrish, Otter, and BAMF Benn et al), so well that we were within one game of the playoffs.

With Eric Godard, we have another guy who can do some physical damage, probably better than Krys Barch.  With a two-way contract for the first of his two years, we’d have to waive Godard to send him to the minors.  I just can’t see that happening, though. 

There’s one roster spot left basically, and while many see Vincour deserving of it, I see it going to Godard. 

One last question…is his nickname God?


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