The Doldrums of Summer

Once you get past July 2, the off-season goes from boring to excruciatingly boring.  Yeah…I’m feelin’ it.  This is the time of the year when we get ridiculously over-excited whenever someone even hints at a trade rumor. 

Of course, you get your shockers like the Heatley-Havlat trade (it’s a good trade, but who’d a thunk?) and there’s the guessing game of Will Mike Modano (Finally) Retire?  Even so, there’s still some Stars news, as meager as it all may be.

  • Jamie Langenbrunner and Jason Arnott both signed one-year deals with the St. Louis Blues.  Normally, this would be a “meh” signing, but once you realize it isn’t, it gets a lot more interesting.  Doug Armstrong made these signings.  The same Doug Armstrong who instituted perhaps the worst trade in Stars history when he traded Langenbrunner for Arnott.  Oh the irony.
  • Apparently Sergei Zubov is the new coach of St. Petersberg, per @ReporterChris on twitter.  Good for him.

Now, darlings, I have some news.  I got a job, so I can’t ensure that I’ll have enough time to post things anymore.  Not that there’s really anything to post in the summer, but whatevs.

Since I can’t guarantee that I’ll be around here, you can find me on Twitter ( or check out my Tumblr ( ) if you want to talk hockey.

Until then, see you later honeybees!


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