Welcome to Our Club

Draft weekend is so over, so the only thing left before a long summer of despair and gloom is free agency on Friday.

This past weekend, the Stars added some new members to our little club of awesomeness.  Let’s just say that the newest Stars aren’t exactly little cherubs.  They’re adorable- DEFINITELY!- but the average height of our draft this year was 6 foot 3.  And I’d say it was a pretty good draft for us.

Let’s talk about a couple of the more notable picks…

Jamieson Oleksiak (1st Round, 14th Overall)

This is Jamie Oleksiak, a defenseman from Northeastern.  He’s tall.  6 foot 7 to be exact.  According to scouts, he has a lot of upside.  Think a future Tyler Meyers.  The only question nagging anyone, really, is whether he’s American or Canadian.  /Kanye shrug

I love this pick, and so does Ralph Strangis.  Ralph tweeted that the pick reminds him of good ol’ Derian Hatcher, which is a great comparison if you ask me.

Brett Ritchie (2nd Round, 44th Overall)

Meet Brett Ritchie.  I think he looks like a young Phil Mickelson, but that’s just me.  In fact, he looks more like Phil Mickelson than Phil Mickelson does, because Phil Mickelson looks like Mike Modano.

Well anyway, he’s a big kid as well.  And a right winger, which is cool, because we always seem to run out of those. 

I didn’t really appreciate the irony, though, when the draft board read “B. Ritchie.”  It’s like the hockey gods are laughing in our faces or something.

Troy Vance (5th Round, 135th Overall)

Ahhhh…the annual fifth round pick.  Judging by his company, Vance has a ton of weight on his shoulders.  When your fellow Dallas Stars fifth round picks are Jamie Benn, Tom Wandell, Philip Larsen, and Thomas Vincour, you’d better follow in their footsteps.

I have no doubt that Vance can.  There are so many great things about him.  One is his size: 6 foot 6.  I envision a Stars defensive pairing of Oleksiak and Vance, a new era’s Hatcher and Matvichuk.

Then there’s the fact that the Stars obviously have plans for him.  It was a Stars scout who suggested Vance to the Victoriaville team in order to make him eligible for the draft.  They wanted him, so they must have known what they were doing when they drafted him.

Besides, doesn’t the name “Troy Vance” sound like that of an all-star defenseman?  I think it does.

Welcome to our club, children!


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