Walk Walk Fashion Baby…

Everyone, including me, loves a man in a suit, so the NHL Awards is one of my favorite times of the year.  I get to see some of my favorite men on the planet dress up in their rugged, beautiful way.  So…let’s talk about their outfits!

Henrik Daniel Sedin

Like many, he went with a nicely cut black suit.  I like that he went sans tie.  His shoes are very shiny, which is a plus.  Overall, I think it’s a sharp look…even if I don’t particularly like him that much.

Shea Weber

Oh…the eternal Western conference hate.  I’m feeling it.  Like Danny Sedin, I’m not too fond of Shea Weber, but it just goes with the territory.  I will admit, though, that he is a rugged kind of pretty and that if he wasn’t a Predator, I’d probably have a ridiculous crush on him.  He looks very sharp, and I love his tie.

Doug Weight

Okay, I have a ridiculous crush on Doug Weight, stemming from his time on NHL Network.  The man knows how to wear a suit…and a smile.  This fits him perfectly.  Not too baggy, not too long.  I love it.

Corey Perry (Ew.)

I like the suit itself, but the shoulders are a bit baggy.  The jacket in general just seems too big.  It’s pretty “meh.”

Steven Stamkos

I’m sorry, Stammer, but the greasy hair makes you look really douchey.  Which is a shame, because the real douche on this page is situated right above you.  However, I LOVE the purple shirt.  And I’m glad to see that his nose is all healed up.

Roberto Luongo

Why the long face, Roberto?

He looks so sad that I don’t have the heart to go all snarkfest on him.  Though I’m sure at some point he talked about how he looks better in a suit than Tim Thomas.

Jeff Skinner

He’s so frickin’ cute.  Once again, I don’t have the heart to tear into his fashion choices for the night.  Skinner’s a rookie, so he gets a free pass this time.

Welp, that’s all I feel like doing for now, lovelies!


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