Relocation sounds nice right about now…

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all about the relocation rumors the Atlanta Thrashers have been enduring lately.

Here’s the thing: I legitimately like the Thrashers.  They’re an adorable team that’s starting to go places, I think.  BUT…if their relocation can help the Stars, I’ll take it. 

Just think of all the possibilities…

1. Since the rumored relocation city is Winnipeg, the divisions will have to be realigned.  The most logical thing to do would be to move Detroit, Columbus, or even Nashville to the East.  That would leave an opening in the Central division that the Stars could move into.  Then, Winnipeg would join the Northeast and Colorado would take our place in the Pacific.  Of course, that’s not really fair to the Avs, but whatever.  It”ll be their problem, not ours.

2. Being in the Central might be a little easier than being in the Pacific.  You hear it all the time: the Pacific is the best division in hockey and blah blah blah.  Well it’s true.  After all, every Pacific team made the playoffs this season…except one. Le sigh.

3. Canada would get another team, and people would slightly tone down their bitching and moaning.

Sorry, Thrashers.  But I think y’all pulled the short end of the straw.


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