It’s So Over

There’s not much I have to say except that they didn’t deserve to win.  Sure it would have been nice, but they didn’t deserve the playoffs after such a lackluster effort.

The first period was bleh, as was the second.  The third was the worst.

When Antti Miettinen scored, I appreciated the irony.  I was like, “Mittens! Why’d you do that?”

Then I cried for a bit.

After the game, though, I felt ok.  For some reason, I wasn’t really all that surprised that they’d blown it.  It sucked, oh yes, but I saw it coming. 

This team was so up and down this season, that a loss seemed inevitable.  They fucked up, and I wasn’t at all shocked.  That’s the epitome of this season: when do we come crashing back to reality?

It sucks, but let’s move on.  Our team, next year.

What will happen will happen, and we should accept it when it comes.


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