Keep Calm and Carry On

So we’re not totally out of it.  In fact, I think that this race for the eighth spot will be down to the final games of the regular season.  It’s that close.

The Habs were kind enough to beat the Hawks last night (in overtime, unfortunately…but still).  Side note: Marty Turco is one of the biggest BAMFs ever. Seriously.

And, on paper, we have a nice, manageable schedule.  Theoretically, we should finish the season out strong.  However, these Stars we know and love (and occasionally despise for this) tend to do the unexpected.  Quite frankly, I have no clue what’s going to happen down the stretch.  While thrilling, that is also very scary. 

For now, I’m going to stay calm and believe that they can do it.  The Stars, they’re a resilient bunch when they want to be. 

I think they would be well served to put Raycroft in for a game, though.  Lehtonen has looked tired at times, and I think he’s wearing down because he’s never played this many games in a season.  I mean, I’d hate to screw up any momentum, but I don’t want a tired goalie. 

No matter, it’s not over until Kyle Wellwood sings.


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