That was quite grand/You go, Sharkbait

That Was Quite Grand Your Detroit Game Review

Beating the Wings always feels pretty special compared to other wins in that you deserve a good ol’ pat on the back.  This most recent one was no different.

And if I’m being honest, that just might have been Kari Lehtonen’s best game of the year.  He completely deserved a shutout, but Holmstrom ( boo that whore) robbed him of it.   Kari was amazing, yet he didn’t steal the game per se.  They might not have won without him, but the Stars held their own.  I especially liked what I saw from Mike Ribeiro and Adam Burish.  It was an awkward moment when the Wings announcers analyzed Ribs’ shoulder pads. 

Another player I saw playing well was Robidas.  Well, Robi and Goligoski both, actually.  It’s like having a new partner has invigorated Robi, and I like it.  In fact, I just liked the entire game.  Period.

You go, Sharkbait Your Nashville Recap

I didn’t actually watch this game, so I won’t say much.  I just know that we won and who scored the goals.  Which brings me to…


For whatever reason, I’ve started calling Goligoski ‘Sharkbait.’  And I really have no idea why.  When I first heard about the trade, I inexplicably thought of Finiding Nemo and the coronation scene where they’re all, “SHARKBAIT HOO HA HA.”

And so, this is Sharkbait.  Yeah, cool right?

Anyway, wins are always nice, and today’s was worth a lot more than two points, it really was.

Next up: Tuesday against good ol’ Dave Tippett and his Coyotes.


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