What a comeback, Stars!

Yeah that was kinda crazy cool, wasn’t it?  The second and third periods I mean.  Not that atrocious first.

I’ll admit that I gave up after the second goal went in; the third was the last straw.  But they managed to pull their heads out of their asses and make a comeback.

You could say that it all started when Kari Lehtonen made this amazing save:

Also notable was Mark Fistric’s huge hit on Fernando Pisani:

Pisani was carted off, and now he has a headache on top of that pesky ulcerative colitis he already suffers from.  It was not a malicious hit.  Rather, I think it was just a bit of a freak hit, because Fishsticks had no way of knowing that Pisani would hit the top boards the way he did.  But he hasn’t been suspended yet, so hold tight!

I would say that these two plays were vastly important in acheving the comeback.  Both changed the momentum and allowed us to get back in it.

Having to comeback like that doesn’t exactly leave me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, but I’ll take it.

Next up: tomorrow against those darn Blue Jackets.



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