Hot n Cold

That game was, uhm, interesting. Let’s recap all the craziness…

  • There were three fights within the first four seconds (alas we couldn’t make the three-in-three mark.  Boo.).  This stemmed from that debacle two seasons ago, which shouldn’t even have been a factor it was so long ago.
  • We did manage to attempt a comeback.  That was nice while it lasted.
  • Daniel Paille.  I don’t think his intentions were evil, but it was a dangerous hit, and he deserved the 4-game suspension he got.
  • Obviously, the Stars are pretty banged up after this one.  Poor bbs.  Barch has a swollen eye and scratched cornea; Burr has a cracked orbital bone and is now on the IR; and Sawada has a separated shoulder and broken nose from the hit.

It seems as though we’re finally hitting that inevitable slide that is the price paid for early season success in the injury department.  Just a month or so ago, we had lost the secondfewest games to injury in the league.  Now…not so much. 

But we need to have faith that we can get through this.  Last night, the Stars really fucked with our heads and ended up disappointing us.  The Stars are a good team, who bad things have been happening to lately.  This is all part of the ride.  Are you with us or not?


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