It just keeps getting better.

Wins against the Kings are a rare thing for the Stars, so the one last night is something to cherish.  Going into the game, it seemed incredibly unfair that the Stars’ long-awaited national attention came against a team that has had our number for many years.  Plus, it was Jamie Langenbrunner night!  How unfair that his 1000th game comes in a game we were sure to lose!

Worry not, my lovelies, because everything turned out all right.  The Stars won, to the tune of two power play goals, including a game-winner by the man of the night, J-Lags.

Add a thrilling penalty shot save by Kari Lehtonen with less than a minute left in the game, and you have yourself an epic win.  Did I mention that he made that save with LESS THAN A MINUTE LEFT IN REGULATION?  Pretty neat, eh?

It’s time to accept that this team is really, truly for real.  They played outstanding last night against a team they were almost surely going to lose to.  But did they give up? Hell no.  Last year’s Stars would have gawked at the one goal deficit and lost their confidence.  But this year’s Stars…they’re different.  The mentality in the room is a strong, confident one that asks, “Why not?” when facing a tough opponent.  Why not beat the Kings?  Why not lead the Pacific?  We can…so why not?

You’d better believe it.



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