Don’t Let Me Down Now

The Flames were the better team last night and rightfully won.  After dominating Montreal two nights before, the Stars came out energetic like they wanted to keep the power.  But by the time the second period came around, they were dull and flat and slow.

This was me during the second period:

I just wanted it to end tied at one.  When Morrow scored in the third, I was jubiliant like yeah…

But then Alex Tanguay and his goddam wrist shots went and ruined the night.  I guess that’s better than that time last season when we lost the game in OT on a terrible delay of game call.  I never forget these things.

The highlight of the night goes to Jamie Benn for his epic fight with Jarome Iginla.  Iginla’s all, “Hey you knocked down my guy.  You wanna go?”  Then Benn’s all, “Bitch, I am Jamie Benn.  I do whatever the fuck I want.  Yes, I’ll go.”

And so they went.

It was pretty awesome.

Have a happy holiday(s)!



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