Nuthin’ but heart and perseverance, babydoll.

I’ll admit that I’ve had my doubts about how good the Stars actually are.  Well…they’ve just about convinced me that they’re the real thing.  They showed so much heart in yesterday’s win.   Perhaps it was even the heart of a champion.

The task: defeat the top-of-the-West Detroit Red Wings less than twenty-four hours after defeating the Blue Jackets.  Mission accomplished.

Of course, the Stars came out extremely flat and didn’t even register a shot-on-goal until about ten minutes into the first.  They surrendered two goals to the Wings and already looked defeated.

But then, Brad motherfuckin’ Richards took a swing at a bouncing puck and got a few lucky bounces, thus narrowing the Wings’ lead to one.  By the end of the first, it was a tied game set to turn into a thriller.  And we all know that it did.

However, the Wings weren’t through with us.  With 16 seconds left in the second period, Johan Franzen scored a truly deflating goal to put the Wings in front again.

The third frame was thrilling as we Stars fans waited for a game-tying goal to occur.  Morrow was the one who scored it, and it was pretty sweet the way he dished it through his legs into the goal.  And so the game went to overtime…

Fun fact: the Wings haven’t won a game in OT or the shootout against Dallas since Halloween 2001.  So basically we had history on our side.

And history prevailed.  Who else but Loui Eriksson would even score the OT winner?  That guy is a game-winning goal machine.  With that goal, the Stars denied Chris Osgood his 400th career victory.

I can imagine how awkward the Detroit locker room was after the game.  I’m sure the team convinced Babcock to start Osgood as the Stars had so many factors going against them that ensured a loss.  Awkwaaaaaaaard!

But whatever.  We did it, and look who’s STILL at the top of the Pacific, bitches! Haters gonna hate.

Get it girl.


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