Jamie Benn Appreciation Post 2010

Never mind about winning the home-and-home against the Blues.  You know what’s (or rather, who’s) really awesome? Jamie Benn.  Oh my, I have such a hockey crush on him.  Plus he’s completely adorable.  I love him so much.

He’s just this hockey monster.  If the opponent has the puck, Jamie’s all, “Bitch, that’s mine” and he just takes it.  Which is exactly what he did Friday night:

I love how the Stars have been utilizing Jussi Jokinen’s specialty shootout move this year.  Firs tit was Ribs, then Loui, now the Bennster.  Jussi is gone but not forgotten in Dallas.

Plus, Benn’s fearless.  He’s not afraid to drop the gloves when the time comes.

Jamie Benn = total BAMF.

Then this one time, Jamie slammed Anton Volchenkov into the bench in this season’s opener:

Jamie Benn.  Fucking shit up in the NHL since 2009.

Damn straight, mofos.


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