Typical Back-to-Back

Win one, lose one.  That’s usually the way a typical back-to-back works. in this latest one’s case, the Stars managed to put it on Phoenix, ony to promptly be shut out 5-0 the next night.

The pluses?

One, is Loui Eriksson.  Before his nice little streak was snapped, Loui had had ten points in five games.  He truly is one of the most underrated players in the league. This team would be nowhere without Loui.

Of course, Loui wouldn’t be as good without Brad Richards.  Loui might be our best player right now, but Brad Richards is our MVP.  B-Rad’s certainly making a case for the Art Ross and even the Hart.

Also in the awesome department, Mike Ribeiro has been an assist machine (if you don’t count the Colorado game).  Sadly, his goal-scoring hasn’t been quite as pleasant.  He hit a couple of posts in the Phoenix game, but came up empty-handed in the goal category.  I’ll just be patient for Ribs.  Very, very patient…

Jamie Benn’s been tearing it up.  He’s such a monster.  Cue the Gaga…

He ate my heart, he a-ate my heart…That boy is a monster. Muh-muh-muh monster…

Finally, I’d just like to say that the Ott-Wandell-burish line will henceforth be referred to by me as the Fuck Shit Up line.  You don’t like the name?  Too bad. Haters to the left. Otter and Burr do the actual “fucking shit up,” but Wandangles provides the sweet, silky moves.

Next up: Thursday against those damn Kings.




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