Scary Good

Excuse the Halloween pun, even though it was totally intended.  Anyhoo, what a fantastic game! I only saw the second period on, but I liked what I saw. 

Special teams dominated, which is nice because they usually don’t.  The Stars started off the scoring with a 5-on-3 goal in the first, and ultimately went 2-for-6 on the PP.  Add a shortie to that, and you have a special-teams dominated score. 

Also surprising was the fact that Trevor Daley of all people scored a goal.  It was mildly crazy.  Of course, Daley would score on a night we didn’t really need the goal, but whatevs.  I’m not complaining; 4-0 is a nice score.

And how about Andrew Raycroft?  I’ll admit that I’ve been worried about our backup situation ever since Raycroft had a…uhm…sucky preseason start.  He sure didn’t show that last night.  Then again, the Sabres are a very troubled team, so that might have been an easy one to pull off.

Whatever, though.  I’ll take it.  A win is a win, no matter what the circumstances surrounding it are.

Next up: Wednesday against the (BLECH) Penguins.

Make it happen


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