He’d Rather Laugh With the Sinners.

That’s Ribs’ mohawk-less mugshot.  Ribeiro was arrested late last night for public intoxication.  He and three others were at the Ra Sushi Bar Restaurant in Plano, when the two women in his group got into an altercation with other restaurant-goers. 

This is really not an issue.  It looks like a classic cliche of “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  I mean, he was at a bar.  There are going to be publicly intoxicated people.  I’d have more of an issue wth this if he’d been driving drunk and gotten a DUI.

Here’s what GM Joe has to say about all this:

We are aware of the incident with Mike Ribeiro that took place on Sunday evening. The Dallas Stars take these matters very seriously and we have spoken with Mike about the situation this morning. We will be handling the matter internally.

It doesn’t sound like the league will get into this at all, which is nice.  I just hope the team doesn’t suspend him since we really, really need him for Thursday.  I don;t know what will come of all this, but this is a bad break for the Stars.



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