Get Ready For This

The Stars’ preseason ended with a horrible, awful loss last night to the Blues. Luckily, it was not in the least bit Kari Lehtonen’s fault. He stopped all shots he faced. However, Andrew Raycroft let in four goals on twelve shots. Ugh. And he’s supposed to be our backup. Yeah…super.

But let’s put preseason behind us. On Friday, the Stars kick off the new season against the Kovalchuk New Jersey Devils. October 14 marks the home opener against the Modano Red Wings, and quite frankly, I’m pumped for this game. At the same time, I love and I hate playing the Red Wings. They’re such a challenge, but we’re able to beat them. These matchups either result in a Stars win or a Wings blowout.

I’m not going to come out with a prediction. That’s not my thing. Instead, I’ll post a prediction table full of “expert” opinion that he fabulous Mark Stepneski compiled. (Source.

Publication Division Conference
The Hockey News 5th 12th
The Sports Forecaster 4th 13th
McKeen’s Hockey 4th 10th
ESPN The Magazine 3rd 8th
Sports Illustrated 5th 12th
The Sporting News 5th T-13th
NHL Official Yearbook 5th 14th

How kind of you, ESPN. But I think you’re reaching.

But whatever. Stranger things have happened. Let’s make this happen.


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