Let’s Hear it for the Preseason

After last night, the stars are currently 1-1 in preseason games thus far.  They play St. Louis tonight, and I’m not expecting great things, unless the Blues put out their AHL roster.

But whatever.  Let’s talk about Kari Lehtonen.  None of these games have been (or ever will be) on TV, so I haven’t gotten to watch.  But according to those who went to the Colorado game last night, Kari played his butt off to the tune of 32 saves and only one goal. It’s nice to see that he’s acting like a solid, legit number-one goaltender.

From the looks of the scoresheets, B-Rad is just picking up where he left off last season.  He had the primary assists on both goals scored.  I haven’t checked yet to see if he has hair this year, but that’s on my list of things to do.  For B-Rad, the power is in the hair.

And how about Severin Blindenbacher? According to those who attended, he was really making a case for himself to be on the Big Stars this season.  If you can recall, we signed him over the summer, and he’s kind of a Europe vet.  I mean, Blindenbacher’s no rookie; he’s 27. I’m hoping that he gets a roster spot. He’s already making himself more useful that Matt Niskanen and that useless meatsack, Jeff Woywitka.  Plus, he’s got one of the greatest names ever.  If he makes the team, I’m greatly looking forward to calling him a mixture of “Blender,” “Severus Snape,” and “Blindy.”By the way, Blindenbacher will fit on a jersey.  It’s got the same number of letters as Langenbrunner.  Just in case anyone was curious.

Preseason doesn’t really matter, but it is getting me excited for hockey.  The only thing preseason is good for is evaluating the youngsters, assessing whether Jonathan Cheechoo still has it in him (he doesn’t), and picking a backup goalie (the battle’s still, uhm, “raging”).  I won’t believe anything until I see it for myself on October 8.

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"I'm busy." "SHUT UP."


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