Old News Worth Repeating

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that James Neal and Matt Niskanen have been re-signed. Awesome, right?  Well, the Neal contract is at least.  Most fans are less than thrilled that Niskers is coming back for two years.  So that means we have no contract problems going into training camp.

Speaking of which, can I get a big “Woot woot!” that training camp has started?  I thought so.  The Stars are in PEI for training camp this year, and the town is happy to have them.

Check out these plaques of native PEI-ers, B-Rad and Otter.

Those are something to be proud of, guys.

Evidently there’s all kinds of intensity in today’s scrimmage thus far.  Guys are hitting each other and Gilbert (aka Tom Wandell) is apparently hurt.  That’s not good, but I’m just glad that hockey’s back.

Then maybe I can post something of actual substance, not just goofy-looking plaques in PEI.


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