Grossman’s Been Signed!!!1

Thje Stars announced the signing via their Twitter.

The Dallas Stars have agreed to terms on a 2-year contract with defenseman Nicklas Grossman for $3.25 million.

How great is this?  I mean, we all knew he’d be back, but this news kind of came out of nowhere.  I guess I just assumed that with the length of time James Neal’s camp has been taking, Grossman’s would be that way as well.

On a more “serious” note, I think we signed Nick for a good price.  He’s a good, solid defenseman who will only get better.  He’s a massive presence and wears Derian Hatcher’s number well ( though not as ferociously).  It’s a very cap-friendly hit for such a troubled cap. 

I’m very excited for Grossman to be back, and hopefully he’s spent the summer getting meaner.  I don’t think that this signing will mean anymore wins or anything, but it will guarantee that one of our favorite Swedes will be back.

Speaking of defensemen, I need to remind everyone that Jeff Woywitka exists.  I often forget about that waste of (cap) space, and I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that he’s still a Star…much to our dismay.

Just keep that in mind.


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