We Are One

Wrap Around Curl is one of my favorite female hockey fans out there. She’s come up with a wonderful movement that is so far nameless, but is a cause close to my heart nonetheless.

Female hockey fans have always had a tougher time winning over the approval of some male fans. According to those men, we’re puck bunnies who love pink, sparkly jersies. It’s a bunch of BS. The hockey ladies I know and love would never be caught dead in those atrocities the NHL makes specifically for us. I’m a short girl with a chest, and the men’s clothing doesn’t fit right. But I put up with it in the name of hockey.

Besides females, homosexuals are also judged. Ever since Brendan Burke was brave enough to come out last winter, he’s been a hero of mine. His tragic death was unfair and so sad that I have no words for the grief it caused me. Since Brendan’s brave confession, gay rights has become an issue close to my heart. Because of Brendan, we are a step closer to having openly gay hockey players, and I think that’s wonderful.

Wrap is leading this cause, and I think you should check it out. Hockey is my favorite thing in the world, and as cheesy as it sounds, I just want us to all get along. We don’t have to like each other, but I think we should at least respect each other. We’re not the same, but at the same time, we are one.

Please check out what Wrap is doing.


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