10 Things I Miss About Dallas Stars Hockey

Look at what I’ve resorted to.  I’m actually compiling a list of reasons I miss the Stars in this off-season.  But whatever.  I need something to do.

1. Marc Crawford’s hair.  His big hair is the only thing I like about him in his tenure so far.  Plus it inspired me to make this picture:

2. Steve Ott. I miss Otter’s on-ice snarkiness that is so endearing.  His slightly evil, demonic-teddy-bear demeanor is one of the few bright spots from mediocre team.

3. The goal horn. Hands down, we have the greatest goal horn in the league.  Of course, those Minnesota people believe that we stole the horn along with their team, and I don’t blame them for being mad.  It’s a great foghorn.

I make it my goal to hear it blare at least once a game because it’s such a great sound.  Actually, it’s my favorite sound in the whole world.

4. R & R. Confession: I throw a temper tantrum every time Center Ice or whoever doesn’t give me the FSSW feed.  I need my Ralph and Razor commentary to watch the Stars’ games.  It’s like ketchup with french fries. Ralph and Razor complete the Stars.

I think we have the best broadcasting duo in the league, but that’s just me.  R&R tell it like it is.

5. Defending Big D game threads. I don’t always show up, but it’s a jolly good time when I do decide to join the party.  It’s lots of fun to interact with other Stars fans, especially the wonderful community we have a DBD.  We don’t judge over there, so that’s pretty cool, eh?

6. Division rivalry games. It’s a priority for me to watch a game where we play the Ducks or Sharks.  We own the Ducks (mostly), and Stars-Sharks games have always been intense thrillers.  Plus, it’s not like any of us like each other or anything.

But no Kings or Coyotes games.  I hate playing them.  Everyone’s favorite Slovenian raccoon, Anze Kopitar, burns us six nights a year; likewise with Ilya Bryzgalov.  Which brings me to the next thing I miss…

7. That bad feeling one gets when the Stars lose. Yes, I really do miss that.  But on the other hand…

8. That wonderful feeling one gets when the Stars win. I love seeing my boys win, even when it’s obvious we won’t make the playoffs.  It’s cheesy and cliche, but seeing them happy makes me happy. 

Some people start to root for the Stars to lose towards the end of the season and root for the high draft pick.  I tried doing that once; it tore me apart.  I literally live to see the Stars win games.

9. Jamie Benn and the Youngsters. In the darkest times of last season, young guys like Bennster, Nealer, Fishsticks, and Gilbert (aka Tom Wandell) made me smile through my metaphoric tears.  The cupboard isn’t bare either; guys like Glennster, Ondrej, and Jack Campbell should bring many more smiles in the years ahead.

Plus, I love seeing the kids make their NHL debuts.  Few things are more exciting than a baby Star’s initiation.  Here’s to hoping for many more opportunities for the kids. 

10. The ride. We don’t know where we’re going.  The Stars could make the playoffs, or maybe they’ll finish last in the league.  They might win the Stanley Cup, or they might be mediocre again. 

Who knows?

Whatever ends up happening, the ride is what counts.  Trophies and playoff spots are nice, but it’s the road you took to get there that will always matter most. 

I miss that feeling of not knowing what’s to come.  It’s one of the most thrilling things about hockey, in my opinion.  October can’t get here soon enough, so the Stars can begin the ride that will take them (and us, the fans) wherever it is we’ll end up.

Go Stars!


4 responses to “10 Things I Miss About Dallas Stars Hockey

  1. I agree on all counts.
    The goal horn is the best. In fact, I occasionally hop on YouTube just to listen to it and giddy, silly chills follow. Rivalry games are the best. My favorite memory of attending games last season is the 8-2 win over the Sharks. I was almost afraid to drive home, I was so wired. Well, I was also afraid to drive home after Mo’s last home game, but that was for a completely different reason.
    I’m ridiculously desperate for this season to start. It’s 38 days to preseason and 55 to regular season if you’re keeping track, which I am. I have a weird optimism about this year. We may just surprise some folks, and wouldn’t that be all kinds of fun?
    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. im totally not stalking you but your on DBD, you have your own site, and tumblr all about hockey? that is dedication and i ,madame, truly admire that lol i just found out all these things existed this summer so now i have something to do besides cry myself to sleep and dream for the days of hockey to be here when i awake i also have to start catching up in this underground blog world that i wish i knew about years ago. I have a question though, if you see hockey as a religion as i do then how come you havnt tried playing it? Now i do warn you once you play it your addiction will be more powerful then heroin but its a feeling like no other. The whole girls cant play hockey thing is bullshit too ive played on AA and AAA teams with girls that were just as good as me some of them stronger lol just a thought i had sorry for rambling great post btw (:

  4. I never really got the chance to play hockey. My parents didn’t want me to be super-serious about sports because of my oft-injured cousin, who’s a soccer goalie.

    And I never really thought about playing, either. I was always so satisfied with watching NHL games, that playing it wasn’t an option. By the time I thought about playing hockey, I was living in the Midwest and it was too late.

    So I can’t really understand the game as well as someone who’s played it. I’m okay with that. I know my hockey, and I get by perfectly fine.

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