The Stuff of Heroes

Darryl Sydor announced his retirement today, and he will be joining the Houston Aeros as an assistant coach.  Obviously, the most memorable moment of Sydor was his injury in the 2000 Cup finals:

The announcer said it best, I think:

You will see that shot until hell freezes over, and as long as the Stanley Cup is awarded.  You will see that shot of Darryl Sydor crawling to the net anytime someone asks what the Stanley Cup is all about.

That moment also made way for my favorite ad of the 2008 Believe campaign:

One thing I loved about Sydor was how he always came back to Dallas somehow.  Three stints.  One Cup.  Not bad at all.  He was very reliable and I love him to death.  Whether it was shotblocking or being Matt Niskanen’s babysitter, Sydor was always there, and I’ll miss him.

Sydor will always be one of my favorite Dallas Stars, and I thank him for all the years of service.


2 responses to “The Stuff of Heroes

  1. Actually, I may be wrong about this but I believe it was Mikey Mo that was Matt’s babysitter. Syd was in L.A., Dallas and TB so I don’t think he would have been able to babysit. Like I said, maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

    • Actually I’m referring to Sydor being Niskanen’s babysitter on the blueline, not in real life. Like a mentor, not a literal babysitter.

      And I think you’re right about Mo being his real babysitter. I read somewhere that Mo babysat Niskanen at a youth hockey camp.

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