Hey Howdy Hey

We have two new Dallas Stars: Adam Burish and Andrew Raycroft!  I’m actually pretty happy about these signings, to be honest.  Burish is a natural right wing, so he can fill the void if Lehtinen leaves, and we got Raycroft for cheap.

You know those times last year when Steve Ott looked like he wanted someone to join him in his evil plots?  Yeah, it didn’t happen much, did it?  With Burish, that sort of behavior won’t be as common.  He and Otter are in the same mold and can be evil little bastards for us next season.

As for Raycroft, I get this confusing mixed reaction.  On the one hand, I get positive comments from Canucks fans, but Leafs fans are anything but kind.  However, I think this is a good signing.  He has a two-way contract for the first year, so he and Brent Krahn can compete for the backup position. 

I guess we’d all better go and pick out our spots for the Cup parade next June, because this team is gonna be a winner. 

Right? 🙂


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