The Modano Era, 1988-2010

It’s officially over now. Joe Nieuwendyk announced this morning that Mo is not in the Stars’ plans moving forward.

This decision doesn’t come easy, but it’s something I’ve been talking to Mike about for quite some time. It’s a difficult decision for fans and our entire organization. I feel it’s necessary for us to move foward under these trying times. We have young players that I believe have to be put in a postion where they can be successful and unfortunately (for the situation with Modano) the depth of our team is at the center positon.

That dramatic home finale on April 8 really was Mo’s last home game, at least in a Stars uniform. That’s nice to know. And there’s a very good chance he’ll retire, too. Heika says there’s a 75 percent chance he retires, and hopefully he’s right.

Nieuwy said that Mo can’t have a job in the organization just yet because of the ownership issues. However, he did say that when the new owner finally arrives, he’ll be the first to ask that Mo get a job with the organization.

I said at the draft, Scott Niedermayer was presenting the first rounder a jersey and I wish Mike Modano was there to present Jack Campbell with a jersey. Next year it’s in Minnesota, what a great thing that would be. His association with our organization will always be there.

I’ll be perfectly honest: I’m crying right now. We all knew the day would come when we’d have to let our guy go. Well, that day is finally here.

There’s a lot I want to say right now, but just can’t. It’s too hard and too painful at the moment. I think I summed up my feelings a while back after those last two games of the season. All I have to say to Mike is a gigantic, “Thank you.”

We’ll miss you Mike, and you will always be a Dallas Star in our hearts.

Good-bye, old friend. For now.


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