Chelsea, Chelsea (Dagger)

So…the Sharks lost yesterday.  A lot of people are saying that they didn’t choke, but I have to disagree.  When a team with the talent that they have is swept, I have to say that they’ve choked.  Anything less than the Cup isn’t exactly a success fo rthe Sharks.  They should have won this thing years ago.  But they didn’t.

Instead, they’ve go the haunting tune of “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis stuck in their heads.  Here’s how the (quiet) plane ride home went for the Sharks:

Jumbo Joe Thornton: *whispers to Lil’ Joe* I swear if I ever have to hear that effing “Chelsea Dagger” song again, I’m going to shoot someone.

McClellan: I’ve got a treat for you guys! *smiles maniacally*

“Chelsea Dagger” starts to play over the plane’s loudspeakers

Marleau: *laughs* Hahaha!  That sounds just like “Chelsea Dagger!”  But you would never torture us like that, Coach!

McClellan: *glares in an evil way*  This one’s for you Patty.

Marleau: *smiles awkwardly*

They listen to the remainder of the song.  It starts again.

McClellan: Well lookie here!  It seems as though “Chelsea Dagger” is on repeat!  This one’s for you, Joe!

Thornton and Pavelski: Which one?

McClellan: You can choose.  It’s not like it matters.  Everyone will get their turn eventually.

All Sharks Players: Noooooooooo!


Evgeni Nabokov: (in a cheerful Russian accent) Vell, at least I von’t be playing here anymore!

I do like that song, “Chelsea Dagger.”  It never gets old, you know?

Let’s hear it forethe kids.  Er, the Hawks, I mean.

Whatever.  Same difference.


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