Playoffs. What a Riot.

Tonight the Sharks nd Hawks play Game 3 of their West final series.  So far, San Jose has blown their home-ice advantage, failing to win either of their first two home games.  That’s not to mention the fact that they’ve NEVER won a home conference final game.

Look, I’m just not buying the crap that they’re done with the choking.  I believe that they’re the better team in this series.  However, the Hawks have been playing better.  Joe Thornton isn’t getting the job done, and Evgeni Nabokov has been the second-best goalie in both contests.  Being second-best at everything never wins championships.  The Hawks have been the faster, more skilled team through two games.

San Jose is choking again.  Some players and teams just can’t raise their game when it matters most.  Players like Joe Thornton and Nabokov are prime examples of that.  It doesn’t help that Nabokov plays 70 games a year, either.  The Sharks claim to know what they’re doing, but they really don’t.  if you want to win, you don’t work your number-one goalie to death and employ some D-lister who never plays.  You get your players to raise their games and not choke under expectations.  There is so much wrong with the Sharks, but I’m not sure it will ever be fixed.

Anyway, moving on to the Habs-Flyers series.  This one is getting entertaining, what with the Habs’ big blowout last night.  I could see either team advancing because of the irony in everything.

If the Habs win this series, they win the Cup.   Why?  Because Montreal has won a Cup every decade except for 2001-2010.  Why stop now?  If the Flyers win this series, they’ll lose the Stanley Cup.  That’s what the loser of the Winter Classic always does.  It’s like tradition or something.   And once again, I ask, why stop now?

Of course that’s not really a subject we SHOULD be talking about.  I mean, come on.  The Montreal Midgets and the Philidelphia “Goalie Issues” Flyers should have been eliminated a long time ago.

But then again, this is why I adore the playoffs so much.

Make it Happen.

Go Hawks.


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