Season Grades: Mark Fistric

Coming into the season, Mark Fistric wasn’t really on my radar.  I always thought of him as “the guy we took instead of MIKE GREEN” and it always disappointed me.  Let me say that I’m not disappointed with Fishsticks anymore.  For one thing, Mike Green has proved himself as overrated and a playoff goat.  Fisty is this slammin’ monster who somehow manages a crazy-good plus/minus on a bad team.

Fistric’s pretty special.  He’s got everything you want in a defenseman: grit, force, and strength.  I also loved how fearless he was.  I mean, we’re talking about a guy who beat up that Flames player using his helmet!  He’s a crazy man, that Fishsticks, eh?  I loved how tough he was in such situations.

My favorite part about mark Fistric’s season was his plus/minus.  I mean, plus-20 on the Stars?!?  He was waaay above everyone else in that particular stat.  It’s just crazy.  But it’s a good crazy.

Fishsticks just had a great, great season and proved his worth to the team.  With this guy on the bluelien, hopefully we can continue to rebuild our team and get back to the playoffs we used to know.

Grade: A++.  For that plus/minus.  It was craaaaazy good!


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