Season Grades: Tom Wandell

The one I’ve come to call Gilbert wasn’t around for the second half of the season because of an unfortunate ACL tear.  But we saw some good stuff from the kid when he was around.

I used to always think that Loui Eriksson was the second coming of Jere Lehtinen.  I was wrong.  I’m starting to think that Tom Wandell is our new Lehtinen.  While people complained about Tommy never scoring, I disagreed.  They just didn’t watch all of the little things he did and how defensively minded he really was.  He finished his short rookie season a plus-2, which isn’t too shabby considering who he played for.

There’s also the fact that he had three game-winners.  Out of only five goals.  That’s lovely little stat, isn’t it?  He tied for second in game-winning goals when he played about half as many games as the rest of his teammates.  Pretty cool, huh?

Like the Bennster, TW_23 was also a quick skater who could pull pucks out of scrums seemingly at ease.  That was always something I liked about our two rookies.

I’m looking forward to Gilbert next year.  We saw some flashes of Jere Lehtinen and I can’t wait to see more.

Grade: A-.  The A is for awesome.  The minus is for getting hurt.


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